Looking back, looking ahead – 2013 and beyond!

2013 has been an exciting year in many ways!

There was the release-party at a packed Mosebacke, Flatenbadet, the Urkult folk and world music festival in Northern Sweden, Fotografiska Museet, Engelen, and of course the interesting yet classy gig at Nordiska Kompaniet.

Not to mention the t-shirts and this cool new website created by Felix Hill!

Heads up for the web-shop which is to open soon, plus a new and exciting side-project called “Inspire-Desire” where I interview people who inspire me with their creativity and find out what inspires them!

Also, check out the upcoming dates – 2 dates already booked for February, at Pet Sounds Bar and a benefit for Burma in Örebro! 

A couple of videos from recent gigs:

Fotografiska Montage by Jonas Fogelström (www.joji.se):

In the band was Chuck Anthony (electric guitar), James Bradley Jr. (drums), Magnus Malmros (cello), Marcos Colmenero (bass), Maria Carlman (flute and voice), and Mia Törngren (percussion).

Our concert at Engelen was special in many ways, but a big highlight was having Canadian soul singer, Leah Harris with us for the first (and hopefully not last) time! She did a very cool rendition of the classic House of the Rising Sun. For you Dylan Freaks out there, here’s a clip from the greatest documentary about Dylan by Martin ScorceseNo Direction Home, where Dave Van Ronk (called “the mayor of Greenwich Village” during the 60’s folk revival) explains how the chords to this old folk tune evolved to the way everyone knows it today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LgFHGBu8NY

House of the Rising Sun with Leah Harris. Video by Steve Morris:

In the band was Dan Arvefjord (bass), James Bradley Jr. (drums), Leah Harris (voice), Mats Burman (electric guitar), Mia Törngren (percussion), and Rachel Eddy (claw-hammer banjo, voice and mandolin).

And as usual, I am always looking for support for my projects in the form of labels, distribution, or other ways…for bookings, write to diipak@diipak.org


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