Fall footage and T-shirts!!

So I’ve finally gotten around to posting some pics of some friends of mine who are proud owners of the official Diipak t-shirt – check it out on the photos page! (click on thumbnails to enlarge…the images).

If you’re interested in the t-shirt, they go for 150 SEK (around 20 bucks), and if you want a CD which goes for 100 SEK (around 15 bucks), I can do what we call here “kompis-pris” which means “friend-price” 😀

Just send me a message and we’ll sort it out!!

I thought I’d share a few vids from this some more “acoustic” gigs this fall:

Lucia festivities at Hässelby Gård from Dec. 14th.

Fun to play a more acoustic version of Livin’ in a Graveyard!

Internationella Fredsdagen (International Day of Peace) Sept. 21st

Feel free to fast-forward my rambling about peace (or not).

Heads up for Pet Sounds February 22nd!

Happy Xmas – War is Over if You Want It!!! <3

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