Urkult, Fotografiska and more!

Summer is here and going by – like life – at record speed!

I’ve been blessed to have the chance to go to “home-squared” which for me is New England, USA. Besides keeping the kids happy by frequenting the beach, I’ve had the chance to jam a few times which is something I do miss about the US – jamming is somehow more accessible, although there are plenty of jams in Sweden (e.g. Wirströms in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan). But I’d still have to say that in terms of spontaneity, the US takes the cake…this is why the crossing of cultures is not only fun – it’s imperative in this globalized world!

In terms of news, I’m happy to announce two important gigs this summer, plus plenty more this Fall! Very soon – on the last day of this month – is the “pre-party” at Urkult (www.urkult.se) which is an AMAZING folk and world (and other) music festival in a precious part of Norrland (Sweden) called Näsåker. It’s a 3-day festival, from August 1st-3rd, and for folks who are in town the day before – July 31st – we’ll be kicking things off along with Maria Carlman (https://myspace.com/mariacarlman) and The Chickpeas Band (http://www.chickpeas.se/). Join the fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/436616063112885/

Urkult is special in oh-so-many ways. First, it’s an eclectic mix of great music, which is of course, the point. Secondly, the vibes are just right. In fact, the vibes may tie with the music in first place – it wouldn’t be Urkult if it wasn’t a happy marriage of both!! It’s family-friendly, which suits people like me with wee ones. : ) And it’s cheap to boot – 700 kr for all 3 days! 50 kr for the pre-party which, btw, is in the hotel in Näsåker.

Check out the full Urkult Program 2013 here (Diipak is on page 29): http://issuu.com/urkult/docs/programblad2013?e=1817049/3565591

Musicians at Urkult: Your’s truly (guitar, fiddle, voice), Fredrik Schūtzler (oud), James Bradley Jr. (drums), Marcos Colmenero (bass), Maria Carlman (flute, voice), Mats Burman (electric guitar), Mia Törngren (percussion).

Later on this summer – on August 29th – is an outdoor gig, in 2 sets, at the snazzy (and yummy) Fotografiska museet (www.fotografiska.se), which opened up its doors just a few years ago right on the harbor in Stockholm, across the water from Gröna Lund and Moderna museet.

Heads up on upcoming gigs at Engelen, NK, Rosenhill and more!

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