The Light – out on December 21st!

Diipak releases The Light on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2020

Diipak – born in the USA and residing in Stockholm, Sweden since 2004 – will release his interpretation and translation of deceased Swedish musical artist Björn Afzelius’ song Ljuset, now called The Light. Diipak has previously released another Swedish artist Mikael Wiehe’s Keops Pyramid in English, a song which was played regularly on world music station P2 Världen in Sweden. In 2016, Diipak released The Longest Day of the Year – his own tribute to the Swedish midsummer. Now comes a tribute to the shortest day of the year.

Diipak says:

“I’ve been thinking about recording this song around this time of year for a long time, but this year it felt a little extra important. Björn’s song goes from darkness to light, and it’s really something that is needed right now. Usually that feeling exists anyway around now, and the Swedes are good at lighting up the darkness, for example with the Lucia celebration. But this year, especially since such programs are fewer, I want to try to lighten it up a little extra with this song, and its positive message. The song is so universal – it’s spiritual, even though Björn was an atheist. I think many people can relate to it… it’s an existential song. And very well written. I have done my best to honor the song by keeping the music as it is and translating it with the same rhyme, rhythm and meaning, but at the same time give it my own touch with arranged strings, and of course my own voice. My voice has some similarities with Björn’s, perhaps rougher. I really hope that The Light gives a little hope and light to everyone who listens.”

In addition to translating and interpreting Swedish songs, Diipak writes his own music and is an interpreter of Bob Dylan and Robert Burns. 

Ljuset was first released on a duo album, Bjorn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe from 1986.

The Light will be released digitally on Spotify, iTunes, etc.