Scars of War

So here comes a song I wrote a while back, a so-called topical song based on two different headlines I read having to do with the long-term effects of war. 

I forget who said it, but once I heard that war is really about killing children and raping women – breaking the will of a society. That’s a harsh statement, but unfortunately I think there’s a lot of truth there, something the media generally doesn’t want to focus on, otherwise we wouldn’t as easily accept war.

This is not to say there are times when violence shouldn’t be used. I’m not a complete pacifist. But I do think that there’s almost always a less-violent solution to most situations that wind up using violence, and that diplomacy is highly underrated in this world.

Most wars are fought for ulterior motives than the ones given by the leaders. Natural resources (oil in the Middle East, rubber in Vietnam, etc), or geographic control over regions are the main ones that come to mind, often disguised as wars of liberation or in the name of democracy, or something grand like that. Or an impossible war like “the war on terrorism.” 

There are many scars of war not mentioned in this song, like PTSD or cancer from toxic waste dumps, but I didn’t want it to be too long and I think it paints the picture it’s supposed to.

Lyrics on YouTube under the video.

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