New single out!

art by Vilhelm "Ville" Danielsson
art by Vilhelm “Ville” Danielsson


The big day is finally here!

Keops Pyramid is out on Spotify, iTunes and on your favorite digital downloading/streaming services! Spotify:

The song itself is by living-legend Mikael Wiehe, who at the time (1972) was part of one of Sweden’s biggest progg (not to be confused with “prog”) bands, Hoolabandoola Band. Very rich history, I can recommend Wiehe’s big book, Aldrig Bli Som Ni, which means “never be like you (as in “you all”):

Fast-forward to 2014 – over 40 years later(!) – another artist Malmö (in the South of Sweden), Frida Appelgren, records a live video of Keops Pyramid. The song uses the symbolism of The Pyramid of Cheops to illustrate the gaping inequalities which exist in the world.

During that session, Frida told Mikael she’d like to do Keops in English, and he said, “then you need to talk to Diipak.” A few weeks later, I emailed the song in progress and she wrote back thrilled about it and said she loved it and that she was just happy someone was putting it out in English. A few days later, she wrote again and said “I couldn’t help it, I just had to try putting some harmonies on there” and voila! Recorded right there in the kitchen in Malmö. Sounds pretty good!

On Keops Pyramid:

Andil Dahl – saxophone
Chuck Anthony – guitar
Henrik Lörstad – keyboards
Jairrohm Parker Wells – bass
Jonas Fogelström – organ
Marque Gilmore – drums
Mia Törngren – congas
Miguel Pavez – trumpet
Pedram Lahijany – dumbek
Stian Grimstad – trombone

Mixed by Troy Jamz, mastered by Mikael “Berkan” Bergström.

Cover art by Ville Danielsson

An amazing group of people to work with, and a truly timeless song!

THANK YOU to everyone involved!!

Also, thanks to my family for the love and support and to the Black Mountain Music crew.

Tonight is the release party at the historic venue Engelen in the old town of Stockholm:



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