New single Keops Pyramid on Swedish Radio!

Skärmavbild 2015-06-15 kl. 22.45.16It’s funny, as long as I’ve been listening to P2 Världen (probably the most eclectic and definitely the best collection of world music I’ve come across), I’ve always hoped to make a song that would fit into their playlist of music from Mali, Sweden, India, the US, and many many other countries. It’s hard to say what the “red thread” (to borrow an expression from Swedish) is that ties the very wide range of genres – everything from folk to jazz, reggae, hip hop, indie and everything between and beyond – together somehow…but I have my theory which is: it’s music with roots.

Of course, all music has roots, but a lot of music seems to have consciously or otherwise tried to distance itself or pretend that it exists despite or in spite of (is that the same thing??) its roots. I’m not one to put down any genre or artist – I think there’s good and less-good music in every style. But really, does the world really need schlager?? Sorry to all fans of Eurovision, really. ; )

Long-story-shorter, I’m of course very pleased that P2 Världen has decided to add Keops Pyramid to their amazing playlist! Of course, this is thanks to Keops first being played on the P2 show Klingan which features world, folk and now female singer/songwriters on Saturdays at 11 (with reprise on Wednesday evenings). Klingan:

I didn’t think of Keops as specifically “P2 Världen” material, but now that it’s in there, it kinda sounds good there! 😀

Thanks for spreading the word and if you find yourself in Östhammar (apparently a “dry” part of Sweden??), swing by Ed’s Trädgård on July 12th in the evening. The proprietor Gerrie is an “original” hippie who will talk about his life experiences, followed by musical performances including a set by yours truly. Gerrie has traditionally put together Sweden’s foremost Dylan festival and of course we will have to do some Bobby D then!

Best Midsummer wishes from Stockholm!


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