My first post on the new website plus radio premiere!

Hey! Hej! Namaskar! All the rest!

This is my first post on the new website, and I’m pretty darn excited!!!

First, I want to thank Jonas Fogelström for all his hard work on the original Diipak website and for all his other amazing work (like “Qualified”). Jonas – who works with Mando Diao, amongst others – suggested I go over to WordPress to save us both from getting into too many fights ; ) Love you, Jonas! You can check out Jonas’ work here:

Secondly, big thanks to Felix Hill for helping me get set up here! Felix is a bad-ass when it comes to design, he works for the scary-cool North Kingdom advertising agency:

I’d also like to thank my parents for having me, their parents for having them, their parents for having them, their parents for having them and – wait, I think you get it. : )

Let me not get carried away now – this is my first blog!! Well, not really, I have a “blog” which doesn’t get much attention here But from now on, this is where you can “dig me.” Phat, huh?

Ok, so my first tid-bit which feels blog-worthy is this lill’ video from my radio premiere which was on a program called Vinjett sent by students of Kaggeholms Folkhögskola on Radio Viking. It’s sent from a station located on the idyllic island of Ekerö just outside Stockholm, Sweden (nearby Rosenhill, a venue frequented by Diipak during the Summer/Fall season and where we had the release of Good Folk, our country album). Fittingly, I had my first moose sighting that day – three young’uns, too bad I don’t have any proof…besides the picture in my brain, ’twas lovely!

In the video I sing “Let’s Be” which is off Good Folk and you get to hear me speak a little broken Swedish…


p.s. just got really good news that we’ll be playing Etablissemanget Mosebacke on Friday, January 18th! More details to follow on next posting…