Forever (Izzy) Young

by Carina Hedlund

Legendary is a word I tend to avoid. When I hear it used I usually roll my eyes, inwardly. But then there a few people that somehow fit that description. Israel “Izzy” Young is one of those people.

Izzy’s record and instrument shop/music venue, the Folklore Center – originally located on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village – was at the epicenter of the Folk Music Revival in the late 50’s and 60’s. It’s where he put on Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell’s first NYC concerts, to name just two of the literally thousands of musicians who played the Folklore Center. Izzy wrote for SingOut! magazine, ran a Jazz radio show, and led the protest against the ban on instrument playing in Washington Square Park to name just a few tidbits from his colorful past. Now, at 90 years old, Izzy’s Folklore Centrum (now located in Stockholm) is still a favorite venue of folkies, local and international.

On Saturday, June 9th at 4 pm, I’ll present some newer and older material together with a string quartet!

Don’t miss this acoustic concert Hemma Hos Izzy, the “Godfather of Folk Music” himself!

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