Diipak 10 years!



Today marks 10 years since my debut as Diipak when I released the self-titled EP with a concert at the historic venue Stampen in the old town of Stockholm, Sweden.

It was a fun evening followed by many more concerts and releases – 5 singles and a full length album, and a few videos.

Sometimes I wish things would progress a little faster, but I am happy with the progress!

Right now I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me along the way – all my co-musicians, concert arrangers, sound-technicians, designers, artists, family and friends, and to anyone who has taken the time to listen to my music at home or live!

The name Diipak was given to me by a very wise and loving yogi, Dada Shambushivananda. He had heard me play a couple of my songs one evening and the next day I asked if he had a spiritual name for me (this was on a retreat and I noticed everyone else had received a name). He meditated for a minute, then wrote down Diipak on a small piece of paper and gave it to me. Then I asked him what it meant: “The flame which enlightens others.” Wow, ok…I’ll try! 

Now I’m going to try to think of everyone I can who has collaborated directly with my projects – really hope I don’t leave anyone out! If I do, please write to me and I’ll add you. 


Ananda Marga & Dada Shambu, Aino-Maria Kumpulainen, Alexander Baginski Ekroth, Alexander Hofer, Andil Dahl, Annelie Syster BackemoArlo Knox, August Sandström, Mikael “Berkan” Mikael Bergström, Brian Burns, Carina HedlundChris MockrishChuck AnthonyDada VedaDan ArvefjordDavid Jones, David Lombardi, Derek January, Eduardo Moretti, Emilio Bobadilla, Jaken Jaken aka Elin Jakobsson, Elin Lindell, Eva CentergrenFélix Kjellberg-Hill, Fredde Granberg, Fredrik Hellberg, Fredrik DambergFredrik Schützler, Frida AppelgrenGreger LindebergHanna Francis, Hawta Magid, Henrik NorbeckHerman Caroan, Hjalmar Bergom Larsson, Isabella Johansson, Isabelle Andö, Jair-Rohm Parker WellsJason GlasserJames Bradley Jr, Joaquim Joakim CederJonas Fogelström, Jonathan Glasser, Jonathan SegelJosé FigueroaKatja SkogKlara Kazmi, Krydda Sundström, Kyra Matustikk, Larry Lyons (RIP), Leah Harris, Leon KuhnLou Marshall Gould, “Loughy” Kieran O LoughlinMagnus Malmross, Marcos Colmenero LopezMaria Carlman, Marque Gilmore, Mats Burman, Mats FriskMattia DisistoMia TörngrenMiguel Pavez Acevedoo, Mikael WieheNiklas AlexanderssonPancho Chin A LoiPelle Vallgren, Per Johansson, Peter Moring, Robin Siwe, Sandra Rosa Bergman, Santiago Jimenez Borges, Sebastian Paco Dahlstrand, Stefan Kayat, Steve Wadidiz Morris, Stian Grimstad, Tabla Suranjana Ghosh, Tore Jarlo, Troy James, Ulf Bejerstrand, Ulrika Björnsdotter, Urban Danielsson, Victor AhlinVille Danielsson, William Prado

I wouldn’t be here – literally or figuratively – without the love and support of my parents, so thanks! Also, thanks to my first music teachers Barbara Vaughn, Benita Rose, Stan Renard and Nigel Coxe.

And to the Greenest Grass I know, thank you for all the love, support, feedback, patience, and help! Mitt livs kärlek 

Concert celebrating 10 years coming soon – heads up!

Here comes the original release 10 years later: