originally Ljuset by Björn Afzelius; translation by Diipak

I see the darkening of the day,
I see how each life fades away,
Those shimmering lights 
That shined for us so bright,
Grow dark, must also fade away.

I see how all things come to pass,
How time is always much too fast,
That never-ending dream, 
Which every life does seem,
Must fade, will one day come to pass.

I stood at the shore of the ocean last night, 
And looked out at the great, wide Universe,

And I saw a faint but certain glow,
I saw the light of a new start grow,
And though it was dark, 
I swear I saw a spark,
Somewhere, a star is being born.

We are just an instant in eternity,
But our lives are a singularity,

So before my candle turns to dust,
Before the dawn turns into dusk,
A flame will I be,
For those who’ve yet to see,
A time, a fire to light their way,
A time to turn the night to day.