They’re keepin’ us scared, make us take cover,
Make us turn on each other so we forget we all brothers,
And sisters from the start, the beginning, the get-go,
Made to live apart, separated by ghettos,
How easy we forget just how we arrived,
How our ancestors struggled, so we could survive,
But all it takes is one generation,
And a lying government to convince the whole nation,
That we’re the only ones and we’re the best,
USA Number One and to Hell with the rest,
So why don’t I feel so nationalistic?
Maybe cause-a-everyone is goin’ ballistic,
See to me it’s just a big coincidence,
That I was born in this country, but don’t take offense,
We all feel the same, all-a-want the same,
To be happy, safe and sound is our number one aim…

I am callin’
With a view to know,
Or am I just a fool?
I might as well be back in school….

This ain’t Star Wars, or the Empire Strikes Back,
This ain’t a damn film, there’s other ways we can fight back,
Than dropping these bombs, that don’t discriminate,
Between the good and the bad, that just obliterate,
Whole homes and people, that’s kind of rude,
Can you explain what it means, cause I don’t know, I’m confused,
I thought killin’ was a sin and we should love our enemies,
Not react with hate and go killin’ everybody,
But I know it’s a complex situation,
When we supplied Saddam and Osama’s our creation,
I don’t mean to hold a grudge, and I want to move forward,
But unless we look back, we can never move toward,
The future, tomorrow, it’s what we’ve got to face,
And not just us – it’s our children’s fate,
Cause after we die, they gonna live on,
That’s why we gotta teach them love, so they can get along…
Get Along…